An electrocardiograph gives a graphic representation and a print out of the changing electrical activity in the heart. The main use of ECG in our practice is for the diagnosis and investigation of arrhythmias, that is the change to the normal heart rhythm, and the ECG gives much more information on the type of arrhythmia and the likely cause can then be gained by listening with a stethoscope. This information is important in the correct treatment of many heart problems and the ECG can also aid the diagnosis of other electrolyte and hormonal imbalances and diseases..


ECG trace



Blood Pressure monitoring

Monitoring for high blood pressure, hypertension, is very important for animals, just as it is for people because hypertension can have serious health implications and can be effectively treated once diagnosed. The technique involves inflating a cuff around your pets limb and detecting the pulse with a dopplar ultrasound probe. This allows quick and accurate blood pressure measurement which is particularly relevant in cats with thyroid disease, and in renal or cardiac disease. Our nurses routinely monitor blood pressure at our senior feline health checks.


Separate Operating Theatre

This is for sterile procedures. We have a preparation area separate to the main theatre where, once anaesthetised, the patient is clipped, cleaned and prepared for surgery. Once this stage is complete, the patient is transferred to the main theatre. Non-sterile procedures such as lancing an abscess are carried out in the preparation area. Dentistry  is performed on a separate tub-table.


Separate ward for prey species

We minimise the stress felt by rabbits, guinea pigs and other small mammals by hospitalising them in their own area away from barking dogs and the prying eyes of cats.





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Operating theatre


Isolation ward

This ward is completely separate from the others and houses patients who we suspect or have confirmed them to be suffering from an infectious disease. We adhere to strict barrier nursing protocols to prevent the spread of diseases and routinely use alcohol hand gels in all areas of the practice.


Free car parking

We have car parking available directly in front of the building.